We take up turnkey projects of Mechanical repairs, Metal re-building, Gear teeth build-up Structural Coatings, Pumps, Impellers,  Fire stop coatings, Insulations, Leakages etc.

We take trunkey job on coatings and fire retardant.

We also undertake servicing of electrical LT / HT breakers.

Complete range of products includes the following.

  1. *  Safety Products. 

     Product includes Helmets, Earmuff, Respirators and Goggles.

  1. *  Food grade lubricants .

     Product includes Multi purpose grease, Gear oil, Multi purpose oil, Hydraulic oil and      Compressor oil.

  1. *  Synthetic Lubricants

     Product includes Gear oils, Hydraulic oils, Compressor oils, High temperature  chain
     oils, High temperature greases, High speed greases, Water proof greases, Food
     grade greases, Food grade oils, Anti seize paste etc.,

    *  Conventional & low heat input welding Electrodes
         Product includes MS Electrodes, SS Electrodes, High alloyed steels Electrodes, Dissimilar      steels Electrodes, Cast iron electrodes, Hard facing electrodes, Cutting and Gouging      electrodes.

  1. *  Adhesives & Sealants

     Product includes Instant adhesives, Thread lockers, Bearing retainers, Pipe sealants,      Gasket makers and RTV Silicone sealants.

  1. *  Industrial Cleaners

     Product includes Floor cleaners, Machinery cleaners, Rust removers, Descalers, Paint
     Removers, Heavy deposit carbon removers etc.,

  1. *  Maintenance Sprays  (Aerosols)

     Product includes Electrical cleaners, Mechanical cleaners, Insulation sprays, Metal      coatings, Protective coatings, Lubricant sprays, Anti rust coatings etc.,

  1. *  Specialty Electrical tapes

     Product includes High voltage insulation tapes, Water proof tapes, High temperature      tapes, Fire resistant tapes etc.,

  1. *  Fire Retardant Paints

     Product includes Fire retardant paints.

*  Protective Coatings
     Product includes Anti rust coatings, Chemical proof coatings, Temperature proof      coatings, Anti wear coatings, Floor coatings, Showroom floor coatings, Grouting      compounds etc.

  1. *  Epoxy Putties  & coatings

     Product includes Instant leakage arresters, Shaft rebuilding, Metal putties.